Adorable Adam

As usual I can’t help but starting off with my favorite image. I have been collecting teddy bears for a while with plans to one day do this shot. I had a photographer friend think it would make a great puzzle. I love the idea, I may have to do that. I have been doing … [Read more…]

Gabriel the Great

Gabriel came to visit last week. He was 15 days old. Just a few days past when I prefer to photograph newborns. Not that I don’t love capturing babies of all ages, but after about 12 days they don’t tend to sleep as hard and they don’t curl as well. He did love a good … [Read more…]

Cuddly Cute Carter

Carter has arrived! He is perfect and I mean it! We fed him when he arrived and he never woke up during the entire session! He didn’t potty without his diaper on and he gave me smiles. Seriously, my assistant and I named him “Dream Baby”. My favorite image…maybe ever!   Dad went to TCU … [Read more…]