Adorable Addison

Oh, how adorable is this little one?!? This is definitely my favorite image from this session. I love the angle, I love how you can see her sweet little face and I love all the different textures in the materials!

Oh those sweet little toes!

This was a family heirloom christening dress. It was just beautiful! The Grandmother gave it to the Mother at the baby shower. It cracked me up when I opened this image and saw that she had made the little “I love you” in sign language. 🙂 She is so smart!

I adore an image taken from above! She looks so sweet here.

Check out this darling little face! And all that hair, she is just too cute.

I have to say this little one sure gave us a run for our money. She was four weeks old, which is older than I normally will photograph newborns. So she didn’t want to curl up and she really didn’t want to sleep! But after FIVE hours we finally did have some great images. I’m pretty sure she slept really good when she got home. I also think she was very happy that I wasn’t messing with her anymore.

Towards the end I realized she wasn’t gonna do any crazy gymnastics for me or anything. This is when I placed her in this basket and she finally got to take a little nap. Interesting enough it turned out to be my favorite.

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