Adorable Adam

As usual I can’t help but starting off with my favorite image. I have been collecting teddy bears for a while with plans to one day do this shot. I had a photographer friend think it would make a great puzzle. I love the idea, I may have to do that. I have been doing newborn photography now for almost four years and I still love planning a session. I am always on the look out for great material or a unique awesome prop.

This adorable little one had a different agenda than I did that day. He had no intentions of sleeping for me, but I wasn’t going to give up. After four hours, I finally had some images for his parents to love. I have a feeling he slept very good that night.

We did this shot last. It was probably a humorous sight; four of us sitting and observing this little one fight sleep. We were all quielty watching while those little eyes where ever so slowly closing. The clock is set to his birth time. 🙂

This sweet little boy is a Christmas baby! His parent’s brought this adorable hat. I just love all the back rolls he has in this picture!

In newborn photography I think it is so important to get those simple timeless images as well as the fun cute prop filled images as well. This one just shows his simple sweetness!

I had this set planned ahead of time. I had chosen a cream crochet blanket to go in the bucket. The parents did not know what this set looked like until they arrived. When they got here they pulled out a blanket that Adam’s Aunt had made for him. I couldn’t believe the colors! I love when I can incorporate personal items in someones newborn portraits. It’s just too bad they didn’t want to leave that blanket with me. 😉

Actually I think I have a tie for favorites. The teddy bear one and this one. Pure, precious, baby blue sweetness! Of course I love those little tiny toes!

I had so much fun creating these images and I am always excited for the next opportunity to create another custom experience. This little one is certainly going to be a part of my portfolio and if you would like to find out more information, please contact me.

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